Rick Roberts Way, Stratford

Rick Roberts Way in Stratford is a cladding remediation project to ensure resident of this residential building are safe and is part of the Government Building Safety Programme. The project consists of removing the existing glass and aluminium spandrel panels, timber decking and the aluminium, ceramic tile and Trespa cladding systems. We will then be installing new Shackerley Sureclad Ceramic Granite, Metalline Unity DF Aluminium and Rockpanel Woods cladding systems, Alideck Aluminium Decking systems and new Glass & Aluminium spandrel panels, including all associated fire & cavity barriers to comply with currently building regulations.

The team are due to start May 2022.

Main Contractor: Kier

Architect: PRP

Location: Stratford

Completion Date: May 2023

Type: Rainscreen Cladding

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